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Model No.: 13 Place of Origin: China

The bending pipe is bent by a complete set of bending equipment, which can be divided into two processes: cold simmering and hot pushing.No matter what kind of machinery and equipment and pipeline, most of them use elbow, mainly for oil, gas, infusion, engineering bridge construction and so on.

Method of use

Analysis and attention methods of the main reasons causing the quality decline of the elbow:

1. When the pipe is completely bent, the outer arm wall of the neutral layer is thinned by the tensile stress &1 under the action of external force-distance M, while the inner side is stressed by compression stress. The resultant N1 and N2 thicken the pipe cross-section. Based on this factor, the main reason for the quality decline of the elbow is RX and SX. Therefore, in gbj235-82, the RX value under various pressure levels and the thinning amount on the outside are clearly specified, in order to control the value of RX and SX, so as to ensure the quality.

2. As mentioned in the preceding article, when bending the pipe, the material is pulled on the outside, and the position of the neutral axis under pressure on the inside is different from that of the bending method. In the top bending (compression bending) operation, the neutral axis is about 1/3 away from the outer wall, while in the rotary bending (return bending) operation, the neutral axis is 2/3 away from the outer wall. Therefore, it is beneficial to use the rotary bending method for thin-walled pipe bending.

3. The precision of the bending tire is also one of the factors affecting the quality of the bending tube. In the manufacture of benders, in addition to the specification and size requirements of control within a certain tolerance range, users are also required to choose the corresponding benders according to the pipe diameter of benders.

4. The bending property and surface corrosion of the pipe itself may also affect the quality of the pipe bend. During site construction, operators also need to know the material to be processed, processing performance and surface corrosion to make a production judgment.

5. R is provided. (bending radius/outer diameter of the pipe) relation graph, for the user's reference, when choosing the relation between pipe diameter and wall thickness. Reflect the influence of relative bending radius and relative wall thickness on the quality of bending pipe. According to the acceptance code of pipe processing, the cold-bending steel pipe is, the middle and low pressure is 4D, and the high pressure is 5D. Therefore, our bending tire is designed as R=4D(special case is determined separately), so the relative wall thickness SX is mainly selected for the pipe bender produced by our factory. The upper part of the figure is non-core shaft area, the middle part of the figure is common core shaft area, and the lower part of the figure is special core shaft area. Because the design and manufacture of the special mandrel are very difficult, the operation is not very convenient, so I do not generally plant supply. Special circumstances may be agreed upon separately.

6. Influence of lubrication on product quality during moulding:

Enterprises in the traditional bending production process, in order to get better quality of the bending surface, will take a lot of methods, including more advanced high-grade bending machine, with higher strength of the mould, or the use of lubrication products. The use of high-grade pipe bender and high strength mould, enterprises often need to invest a very large amount of capital to complete, only the use of elbow lubrication products is relatively cheap and fast to meet the requirements of enterprise product quality. But in the traditional production process, oil-based bend lubrication products can satisfy the business enterprise at the request of the elbow bend pipe production quality, but the oil-based bend lubricant is not easy to clean and pollution to the environment is very prominent so that enterprises must adopt more means to eliminate because lubrication oil-based bend products impact on the quality of the final product, putting in more effort and money. The arrival of IRMCO elbow water-base grease not only meets the requirements of enterprises on the quality of elbow products but also can avoid and reduce the increased input caused by the use of oil-base elbow lubrication products, so as to completely optimize the production process of enterprises.

In the application process of traditional oil-based lubrication products, the production efficiency of enterprises is greatly restricted, because the fluidity of oil-based lubrication products and extremely difficult to clean, resulting in pollution of the production environment and workers' working conditions, enterprises often need to spend a lot of money, manpower and material resources to clean up this pollution. It adopts manpower and material resources that can reduce or even avoid the above-mentioned pollution cleaning for enterprises, and its characteristics of direct welding without washing can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises. The consumption of IRMCO water-based elbow grease can usually be reduced by 50%-80% compared with traditional lubricating oil, which can save more costs for enterprises.

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